Monday, July 28, 2014

Going Overboard for a Minnow

As previously mentioned here, my sister is pregnant, and her due date is in less than a week.  They know they're having a boy, but since they're not telling anyone his name until he's here, he has affectionately (and possibly irrevocably) become known as "Minnow".

Most knitters like to knit a little something for a new baby in the family, I may have possibly gone a little overboard in that department.

First, the knitted items I've already given them when I was out there in May...
A puppy woobie

Bib with adorable frog button (sorry for the upside down pic)

Burp cloth

 But that's not all.  I have a stack of other knits I've since finished that I plan on sending just as soon as he's born.  None of these are intended to be a surprise, but Julie if you're reading, don't go any further if you want them to be!

Lightweight Stroller Blanket
More Washcloths
Baby Sleep Sack with Hat
Baby sized "Old Man" sweater
 It's sort of odd in a way.  I knit a couple of blankets for my granddaughter, and I knit a christening blanket for my youngest niece (I wasn't really a knitter when the two older nieces were born), but for some reason the urge to do baby knits really came over me this time, and this was the result.  I'm sure it will taper off & I will go back to selfish knitting soon, but in the meantime it was fun to do some quick smaller projects that didn't take as long.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lazy Post

I don't have much to say today.  I haven't been feeling well most of the day and I'm just too lazy to write anything that requires a lot of thought.

This week at work could go one of two ways, either crazy busy, or not much to do.  Rumor has it that they've agreed on the big points of a state budget and plan to get done completely this week.  We'll see if it actually happens.

So only 4 more days in the month. 4 more days to say I completed NaBloPoMo successfully.  I plan to do it, and hopefully with posts better than this one, but if I don't show up one or more days, work will be the reason why.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spinning With a Purpose

Today I took a class on spinning with a purpose with my three best fiber friends, Michiele, Roxie & Peggy.  Nancy Shroyer, who is the owner of Nancy's Knit Knacks and also teaches workshops across the country, lives near us and was kind enough to let us come to her home for a private class with the four of us.
Thus far in my spinning, I've been spinning with a vague idea of how many plies I wanted to do, and sort of how thin or thick I wanted the yarn to be.  Then , when the yarn is finished, I figure out what to do with it.  Today I learned more about how to plan ahead to get the yarn I want.  In other words if I know I want to knit socks, how to plan and spin so that I actually end up spinning sock yarn.

And for one of my biggest much yarn do I need to spin (or even buy for that matter) for a project...Nancy has an awesome, although mathematical, way to figure that out if you're willing a swatch  (yeah, I rarely do those, but maybe I'll change my mind for some projects).

We talked about different spinning techniques and what type of yarn they produce and what types of yarn are good for different types of projects.  I even managed to spin a decent woolen yarn! (Which probably means nothing to you if you're not a spinner, but trust me, I was VERY happy)
See my pretty, fluffy, woolen spun yarn?
I feel like I learned a lot of things I needed to know in order to take the next steps in improving my spinning. And as is usual when the four of us are together, we had a great time, with lots of talking and laughing in the midst of all the learning. 

Many thanks to Nancy for a great day and also to her canine helpers Ripley and Clay for my doggie fix for the week.
Aren't they cute?

Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm Married to Robin Hood

I was going to give you another FO Friday, but then, while practicing his bow shooting in the back yard this evening, my husband did this...

Can you see it?  Can you tell?  See how much further that one arrow is sticking out than the others?  Yep, he did.....
He shot one arrow straight into the middle of another. 

Pretty awesome huh?  Of course it would be even more impressive if he'd actually been trying to do it, but shhhhh we won't tell him that.  We'll just stick with awesome, and kinda' cool too.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mater Sammich

One of the interesting things about working at the NCGA is that there's always some group or organization touting their cause, and sometimes that cause is delicious.  Today was tomato day.

Just about every variety of slicing tomato, roma tomato and cherry tomato you can think of was available for tasting. 
But more importantly, they had everything you need to make a mater sammich (tomato sandwich for you yankees).
Here in the south we're particular about the ingredients for our mater sammiches.  Preferences may vary slightly, but we all have our definite opinions on how they are best prepared, right down to the particular brand of mayonnaise that's used (if you look closely at the picture above you'll see there are at least 3 different brands on the table, that's completely intentional I assure you). 

Here's my "recipe":
  • White bread (I eat wheat bread usually, and it will do if that's all you have, but it's really better with white)
  • A thin layer of Duke's mayonnaise on both slices (mater sammiches are one of the few things I actually eat mayonnaise on, but it has to be Duke's)
  • Two thick slices of room temperature tomato
  • Copious amounts of black pepper
That's all you need for a true taste of summer in the south, at least until the Silver Queen corn ripens later in August, and then you've never tasted anything better than corn and tomatoes.

Oh, and guess what I had for lunch?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For Love of a Sock

My socks, thankfully not lost

There's almost nothing the fiber community won't do to help another knitter, crocheter, spinner, etc. out, so long as it's legal I suppose.

Sometime Monday morning, a knitter found a single hand knit sock in the Oklahoma City airport.  Recognizing the sock for what it is, a little piece of wonderful, she immediately set out to find it's owner.  She posted on Ravelry and immediately fellow knitters started passing the information around the net through Facebook and other media.  Someone mentioned it to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) and she blogged about it too. (Go read her post and the rest of her blog, and buy her books too, she's hilarious)

The finder of the sock was traveling out of Oklahoma City, so she left it with someone at the airport to be placed in lost and found.  Now someone who lives in the area is trying to track the sock in the airport to rescue it so a picture of the actual sock can be taken in further effort to reunite it with its owner. 

It may all sound a little silly if you're not a knitter or you've never experienced the pleasure of wearing hand knit socks, but I assure you it's not.  Somewhere there is a knitter with only one hand knit sock and not enough yarn left to reknit the lost sock.  That knitter is frantically looking through all their belongings and calling wherever they last stayed to see if the sock was left behind.  And when that knitter finally realizes the sock is no where to be found, that knitter will be very, very, very sad.

Imagine you just went on your dream vacation and bought a really special memento of your trip and it's been lost.  Yes, it's just a thing, and technically in this day and age you could probably make a call or go online and order another one, but it's just not quite the same is it as the one you actually bought while you were at the location it came from.  That knitter can make another sock.  They might even have or be able to find enough of that same yarn to remake a sock just like the lost sock.  They will probably make many, many, more hand knit socks in their knitting life time, but they will always wonder what happened to that sock.

So far, it doesn't appear that the owner of the sock has been found, so if you happen to know a sock knitter who traveled through Oklahoma City this week you might want to be sure they've got all their socks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Girls With Purls Anniversary

My knitting group, Girls with Purls, had its 7th anniversary dinner tonight.  I've been in the group about 4 years and we have a pretty good time.  It's also how I met Michiele and Roxie, so for that, even if there was nothing else, it's been a worthwhile experience.

We meet at a restaurant that one of our members has an "in" with and generally have a loud and rowdy time talking, eating, and playing a version of dirty Santa, except with yarn.  All in all it's generally a lot of fun.

As usual, work was fickle this afternoon and I thought I might not make it, but since by 6:00 the people I was waiting on still didn't know what they wanted me to do for tomorrow, I left work and went to the dinner.  (Of course now that I'm home I had to take care of what they finally decided they wanted prepared, but it beats sitting around work waiting).

I did take a few pictures, but they're all pretty much of people sitting and standing around tables talking and then things got fun and I got to talking and forgot to take any more pictures.  So I decided since you really couldn't see anything interesting in the pictures, I'd just leave them out.

Here, have a cute cat picture instead.....